This Book
is dedicated
to the son of
my son
Frank Alden Baum

To My Readers

I know that some of you have been waiting for this story of the Tin Woodman, because many of my correspondents have asked me, time and again what ever became of the "pretty Munchkin girl" whom Nick Chopper was engaged to marry before the Wicked Witch enchanted his axe and he traded his flesh for tin. I, too, have wondered what became of her, but until Woot the Wanderer interested himself in the matter the Tin Woodman knew no more than we did. However, he found her, after many thrilling adventures, as you will discover when you have read this story.

I am delighted at the continued interest of both young and old in the Oz stories. A learned college professor recently wrote me to ask: "For readers of what age are your books intended?" It puzzled me to answer that properly, until I had looked over some of the letters I have received. One says: "I'm a little boy 5 years old, and I Just love your Oz stories. My sister, who is writing this for me, reads me the Oz books, but I wish I could read them myself." Another letter says: "I'm a great girl 13 years old, so you'll be surprised when I tell you I am not too old yet for the Oz stories." Here's another letter: "Since I was a young girl I've never missed getting a Baum book for Christmas. I'm married, now, but am as eager to get and read the Oz stories as ever." And still another writes: "My good wife and I, both more than 70 years of age, believe that we find more real enjoyment in your Oz books than in any other books we read." Considering these statements, I wrote the college professor that my books are intended for all those whose hearts are young, no matter what their ages may be.

I think I am justified in promising that there will be some astonishing revelations about The Magic of Oz in my book for 1919. Always your loving and grateful friend,


Royal Historian of Oz.





Chapter 1: Woot the Wanderer
Chapter 2: The Heart of the Tin Woodman
Chapter 3: Roundabout
Chapter 4: The Loons of Loonville
Chapter 5: Mrs. Yoop, the Giantess
Chapter 6: The Magic of a Yookoohoo
Chapter 7: The Lace Apron
Chapter 8: The Menace of the Forest
Chapter 9: The Quarrelsome Dragons
Chapter 10: Tommy Kwikstep
Chapter 11: Jinjur's Ranch
Chapter 12: Ozma and Dorothy
Chapter 13: The Restoration
Chapter 14: The Green Monkey
Chapter 15: The Man of Tin
Chapter 16: Captain Fyter
Chapter 17: The Workshop of Ku-Klip
Chapter 18: The Tin Woodman Talks to Himself
Chapter 19: The Invisible Country
Chapter 20: Over Night
Chapter 21: Polychrome's Magic
Chapter 22: Nimmie Amee
Chapter 23: Through the Tunnel
Chapter 24: The Curtain Falls

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